Deborah Joy LeVine

Instructor Biography:

WGA nominated and acclaimed writer/producer/showrunner who created and executive produced Mental, Lois and Clark (The New Adventures Of Superman), Courthouse, The Division, Any Day Now and Kaya. Ms. LeVine also executive produced many other shows including Dawson’s Creek, Early Edition, and Equal Justice.

Instructor Statement:

Are you ready to become a working television writer? You only need two attributes: Talent and Tenacity. If you have the ability to tell a killer story and give your characters a passionate voice, then you have the talent. And if you’re willing to sacrifice your social life to write and then re-write and re-write again, and combine that with the drive to do whatever it takes to get that script produced, then you have the tenacity. My class is a bootcamp, where, if you truly commit, you will be able to turn out an hour dramatic script that will be the first step in getting you a job in the industry. After you learn all the basics — pitch, story, act structure, how to make your characters come alive — you will also learn how to get your work out there and read by the right people. I have written and produced over two hundred hours of television and I know that show-runners are always looking to hire great writers. So… are you ready? Then let’s get to work!

Our Students Say it Best!

“Deborah is fantastic. So thoughtful and incisive in her constructive criticism. She was completely on top of it and gave students the tools they needed to be successful.
— Writers’ Program Student

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