Deborah Reed

Instructor Biography:

MFA, novelist whose books include the recent bestseller, Things We Set On Fire, Carry Yourself Back To Me (an Amazon Editor’s Pick Best Book of 2011), and the suspense novels A Small Fortune, and Fortune’s Deadly Descent written under the name Audrey Braun.

 Instructor Statement:

As an author working in both literary and mystery/thriller genres I believe the lines of fiction have blurred for the better, freeing up writers to express the kinds of stories that speak to them, the ones they want to read, the ones that they, and only they, each with his or her own unique background, can tell. My goal is to help students divine fully expressed characters, not herd types but rather flesh and blood people in turmoil, no matter the genre, and to help them understand that struggling to get there is part of the process. Writing is hard work that requires a multitude of conflicting demands—being committed to the long haul, the discipline and understanding of craft and technique, the uncertainty of living a life in language and imagination, while at the same time grappling with the real world demands of the publishing world. I am here to guide writers through the entire process, beginning wherever they find themselves, from the sentence level to the arc of a novel to releasing their work into the world.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Deborah was a wonderful teacher, always challenging me to look deeper into my work and ideas. She had helpful insights and made time to discuss my own thoughts and feelings. She communicated very well and was always very knowledgeable.” — Writers’ Program Student

Watch a video of Deborah reading from her work at the 2014 Writers’ Program Publication Party:

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