Don Webb

Instructor Biography:

Author of 24 books including a St. Martin’s Press mystery series, five nonfiction books on the occult, a volume of poetry, and collections of horror, western, and science fiction stories. Mr. Webb is the winner of both the Fiction Collective and Death Equinox Awards, and has been nominated for the International Horror Critics Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the Rhysling Award.

Instructor Statement:

I am a schizophrenic instructor. Half of what I say is devoted to the idea of craft, of excellence in writing. Half of it is cold hard advice about selling your work. I teach schizophrenically because the writer’s life is divided thusly. You or I must have one space where we can learn the habit of art, and one space where that art is processed and sent into the whole wide world. If you think you can live in only the first, you may write some of the best words in the world for your trunk. If you think you can live only in the latter, you will poison the well of words by being a commercial hack. I want my students to write well, in fact to write better than me. I want them to sell well, and when the time comes I expect them to pay back the muses by teaching these things (and the thousand others they will have learned along the way) to the next group. Ours is the second oldest profession, and whether we derive our lessons from the scribes of the Egyptian court or Stephen King we must excel as artists, salesmen, and teachers. We owe that threefold debt to every word we have read with wonder.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Excellent communication skills. Don is engaging. He communicated more frequently and sent more interesting emails with links than any other instructor I’ve had. Helpful, tough, but fair. Pushed me to new levels as a writer.” —Writers’ Program student

“I LOVED the instructor! He was inspirational, very involved, easy to get ahold of, and answered all questions addressed to him. He went above and beyond the call of duty by sending almost nightly emails full of interesting links and areas to explore in our writing. His comments were effective, and his assignments imaginative.” —Writers’ Program student

“Don is incredibly knowledgeable in the field. He communicated with us constantly and gave personal insights which added a lot to the material. He was also very honest, yet fair, with his critiques. I would definitely take another course with him!” —Writers’ Program student

“Don is positive and encouraging; his feedback never demeans. He manages to praise while still getting across the things that need to be changed or improved. He is willing to share himself which makes it easy for us to do likewise. UCLA Extension has one great instructor in Don Webb.” —Writers’ Program student

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