Ellen Sandler

Instructor Biography: 

MFA, screenwriter; WGA member who received an Emmy Award nomination as the co-executive producer of the CBS hit comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. Ms. Sandler also has worked as a writer/producer for 25 years on network television comedies, including ABC’s long running series, Coach, and has created original pilots for ABC, CBS, and NBC. She is the author of The TV Writer’s Workbook (Bantam/Dell).

Instructor Statement:

My teaching style is direct and specific with a lot of individual attention. I like to connect with each student, I give a lot of detailed feedback and I try to balance creative inspiration with hard business reality. Each class includes a prepared lecture and I respond to all questions (if I know the answers and, sometimes, even if I don’t). But I teach mostly through direct experience. I incorporate a lot of in-class participation, both written and verbal, as well as outside assignments. I expect each student to grow dramatically and on his or her own terms. While I can be demanding in pursuit of that goal, I also expect to give a lot of support and encouragement to see that it happens.

Our Students Say it Best!

“This was an excellent overview course, broadly applicable to many aspects of TV writing. Ellen was smart, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.” Writers’ Program Student

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