Hank Nelken

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter; WGA member, whose credits include Saving Silverman, Are We Done Yet?, and Mama’s Boy. Mr. Nelken rewrote National Security and has sold specs to New Line, MGM, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, RCR Pictures, and Fox.???????

Instructor Statement:

Do you love funny movies? Are you excited to write one and have fun doing it? Do you find it annoying that I’m asking you questions when you’re the one who has the questions? I understand. And I can help. With 12 years of experience as a screenwriter in Hollywood and 5 produced films ranging from broad studio comedies to character driven independents, I know how to help you determine your funniest idea and develop it into a professional screenplay that I guarantee will have studio executives beating down your door. Actually, I can’t guarantee that. No one can. Plus do you really want to have to replace your door? Doors are expensive. Especially French doors. The point is, while I can’t guarantee a script sale, I can promise that you will learn how to craft a comedy screenplay and have a blast doing it. You’re going to like the way you write. I guarantee it.

Our Students Say it Best!

“The course was excellent. Hank has an amazing way of explaining the structure of a screenplay that is succinct and clear.” Writers’ Program Student

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