Henry Lien

Instructor Biography:

JD, UCLA School of Law, BA, Brown University. Mr. Lien practiced as a business attorney for ten years and was involved in cases pertaining to architecture, interior design and construction.  He served eight years as the owner and director of the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood and currently works as a private art dealer, with interior designers composing a significant portion of his clientele. Mr. Lien has also served as the President of the West Hollywood Fine Art Gallery Association and as a board member of the West Hollywood Avenues of Art and Design. 

Instructor Statement:

Middle grade fiction is unique because it’s one of the few literatures that’s characterized by brightness and hope. Middle grade can explore the most ambitious or weighty themes but it strives to lead young readers to a sense of meaning and optimism. They’re the sort of archetypal story that our species has leaned on, age upon age, to lead us out of even the darkest night. That’s why I consider middle grade to be, in a word, noble. Middle grade is also awesomely fun. My strengths as a writer are unique concepts, memorable voice, vivid world building, and tight plotting. My strengths as a teacher are brainstorming unconventional techniques to tap into your own creativity and an emphasis on exercises and examples over abstract discussion. I also feel that writing should be wildly fun when you’re doing it right. To get a sense of me, checkout www.henrylien.com.

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