Jeanne De Vita

Instructor Biography:

MFA, award-winning author and freelance Developmental Editor for several publishing companies and authors of fiction and non-fiction. Ms. De Vita also works as a “story doctor” for spec TV/film projects. She writes and publishes romance under a pen name including serialized original content for Radish.

Instructor Statement:

At this moment we have unparalleled opportunities for the distribution of our stories to others—traditional publishing, the independent market, self-publishing—not to mention the myriad of more transient social outlets for our work. Authors at every level, aspiring through experienced, may seek out classes or education with a vague but potent hunger, a need to unearth the essentials of craft, style, and technique that will provide guidance and motivation for the complex and exciting journey that is writing with the goal of publication. My instructional goals are simple but rigorous: don’t just tell students what works and what may not; don’t simply show what has worked for others. I seek to develop each student’s storytelling skills and publishing plans through a focus on craft, analysis, study, and practice, always with the aim of involving each student in an engaging, thoughtful, and practical curriculum.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
– Chinese proverb


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