Jeremy Haft

Instructor Biography: 

Screenwriter/director; WGA member whose credits include All Eyez on Me (Lionsgate) and Empire (Fox).  Mr. Haft credits also include Street Kings 2: Motor City, Tamara, Red Team, and Grizzly Mountain.  He also has in development The Cookie Queen with Isla Fisher attached to star for Universal Pictures, Heckled with Vince Vaughn attached to star, and a pilot for Netflix.

Instructor Statement:

It all starts with the screenplay. Without the screenplay there’s no exploding building. No actor giving an impassioned speech. No dinosaur running through the primitive jungle. The screenplay is the blueprint for the movie. And while a movie is initially created in the mind of the writer, it still needs to get to the page, and then to the screen. I feel that my role as a writing instructor is to help students learn how to get ideas from their imagination onto the page. A screenplay is, on the one hand, something that is unique and purely of your imagination and, on the other hand, a structured three-act blueprint for a movie. We explore numerous ways to write a screenplay, both on the creative and structural ends. From reading produced scripts to watching movies to doing our own writing, it’s a fun and rewarding journey.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Jeremy was a phenomenally helpful teacher and is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the subject matter. He is a very good communicator to the class as a whole and sensitive to everyone’s individual needs and questions. Everyone in class was engaged and participated in each discussion. — Writers’ Program Student

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