Joan Weiss

Instructor Biography:

TV writer/producer, WGA member who served as a supervising producer/writer on White Collar, Unforgettable, and Journeyman. Ms. Weiss was a writer/producer on Eureka, Everwood, and Summerland. Her other credits include Gilmore Girls; Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; and Grace Under Fire.

Instructor Statement:

Every writer I know agrees with me about one thing–story is hard. (If they don’t agree, they’re lying.) Most of them would also agree that if you start writing a script before your story works, you are going to run into big problems. So that’s where we begin. In my experience, every show runner has his or her own process for getting to an air tight story. Yours will develop over time. I hope I can offer some insight into how to “get” an idea and what to do with it. Spoiler alert: My number one piece of advice is to be sure to archive your pain and your joy and then tap into it whenever you can. It’s your own personal drama that will provide a starting point for your journey from idea to final draft. In the end, the script will be a reflection of you — your baby. And when you finally type “END OF SHOW” you’ll be ready to kick your progeny out of the nest and let it fly.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Joan is amazing. She is patient but firm with her comments and criticism. I felt as though she really wanted to help me produce the best possible material. She has a great background in the field and understands the practicality of the everyday writer’s room. She also fostered wonderful class participation.” — Writers’ Program student

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