John Henry Davis

Instructor Biography:

MFA, director/screenwriter, playwright; WGA, DGA, SDC member whose credits include directing OZ, The Sarah Jones Show, and Broken Mirrors. He’s directed plays at the Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and the Mark Taper Forum, including the show Daughters with Marisa Tomei.

Instructor Statement:

Sometimes, like me, you dread facing that blank page. But you know that you have a story to tell. And you also have a voice, forged from your unique experience. As your writing coach, I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and have fun exploring your story’s full potential, as you try to connect with your natural audience. In that process, we’ll study the principles of storytelling and examine the strengths and weaknesses of literary models, helping to bring your own work into sharp focus. This will help you embrace revision and develop a patient, critical eye for your writing, while never losing that important spark of creation that made you begin this crazy, oddball endeavor in the first place. Above all, listen to your characters, as they will help lead you to where your story should go – places that can amaze and delight you.

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