Jonathan Callan

Instructor Biography:

Writer and narrative designer for games and animation who served on the VR titles Raw Data and Sprint Vector. Mr. Callan has also written on games such as Walking Dead: Onslaught and Westworld: Awakenings. In the world of television, he’s written for over a dozen series, including Young Justice, Lego Jurassic World and Justice League Action.

Instructor Statement:

Games represent a powerful new way of helping people to see themselves in fiction. We all understand beginning, middle and end. What’s harder is to train your brain to think about story as a series of possibilities. I’m here to help you understand the basics of non-linear storytelling. Games give players a set of tools to find meaning in your story, but no one likes to feel constrained by artificial walls. How do we give players the tools to find agency in their own story?

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