Julia Callahan

Instructor Biography:

Acquisitions editor and director of sales and marketing for Rare Bird Books, a literary publicity and events firm. Ms. Callahan is also the fiction editor of The Rattling Wall literary journal.  She helped run the events department at Book Soup for four years.

Instructor Statement:

The reason I got into publishing and my favorite part of being a publisher is having the ability to bring new and exciting voices into the world and getting those books into the hands of readers. But there are so many fictional representations of the publishing business that it’s hard to know what to expect. From acquisitions, editorial, proofing, marketing, PR, sales, distribution, and every other piece of the giant puzzle that is moving a book from manuscript to galley and into the market, the world of publishing can leave everyone involved spinning. My goal is to give students the tools and skills that they need to navigate the world of modern publishing in a smart, effective, and realistic way. My hope is that no matter what angle students are coming from—writer, editor, marketer, agent, etc.—they will leave with a deep knowledge of the publishing process from beginning to end.

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