Kris Neri

Instructor Biography:

Two-time Derringer Award winner and two-time Pushcart Prize nominee whose novels include High Crimes on the Magical Plane, Magical Alienation, and the Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award-nominated Tracy Eaton mystery novels Revenge of the Gypsy Queen, Dem Bones’ Revenge, and Revenge for Old Times’ Sake. A three-time Lefty Award nominee for humor, her paranormal mystery novel, Magical Alienation, also won the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award.

 Instructor Statement:

I’ve always loved mysteries, but having traveled it myself, I know the distance from mystery reader to writer is greater than many would believe, and it’s filled with obstacles that can stymie the aspiring mystery author’s journey. My course provides the clues to mystery writing, making that transition easier. But I also know, for any writer, it’s not easy to be taken seriously as a writer, by family and friends or the world-at-large. The very act of proclaiming yourself to be a writer, which I consider a courageous step, is met with a demand for what you’ve published and the accolades you’ve received. In my classroom, we are all acknowledged as writers, merely at different stages in the process. I strive to create an atmosphere of safety and mutual support, where students can feel free to take the risks necessary to secure their artistic and publication goals. And I bring as much creativity to my teaching as I do to my writing, so I can find just the right approach to help each individual progress. I want all of my students to experience, as I have, the profound joy of seeing their names on the covers of their published mystery novels.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Kris is a great teacher! I learned so much from her course. Kris was extremely good at targeting my weak areas and showing me how to correct them. I’m looking forward to enrolling in another class with her.” — Writers’ Program Student

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