Kristine Huntley

Instructor Biography: 

Television writer; WGA member, whose credits include The Unsettling, Freakish, Mind Games and Legend of the Seeker. Ms. Huntley was a participant in the Disney/ABC Writing Program in 2013.

Instructor Statement:

It’s easy to start a project, to chase a new idea for a while, but finishing it can often be a challenge. My goal as an instructor is to help you create a roadmap for making the pilot or spec you want to write a manageable project rather than a daunting and overwhelming task. I’ll help you break it down into steps and craft a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Your peers will be among your most valuable resources in class and beyond, and together we’ll collectively create a classroom environment where constructive feedback will help everyone create their best work. I’m excited to work with you to help you produce a piece of writing you can be proud to share with the world.

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