Martin Copeland

Instructor Biography:

PhD, award-winning screenwriter who has written feature films in both the U.S. and Europe, among them Texas Rangers for Miramax; Handyman, a 2006 Buena Vista International co-production; The Heavenly Kid; and The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.

Instructor Statement:

Not so very long after film school I sat down to write the first scene of a spec feature script. There was a loud party in full swing in the apartment complex and to get quiet and concentration I went downstairs into the utility room. There among the dust, cartons and hum and click of electric meters I wrote the first scene. Not so very long after that, I went down the hill to my local cinema and saw that scene on the big screen. Moral of this story: if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. In every course I teach I emphasize first, no matter how many life and work distractions you have (or noisy parties), get your story written. Second, in working together to refine the story, improve the structure, deepen the characters, polish the dialogue and description, we will make your script better and hopefully, bring that day closer when you too can see it produced and playing at your local cinema.

Our Students Say it Best!

Martin Copeland’s superb instruction operates on a professional-to-professional level rather than a teacher-to-student. His focus is not on formulae or templates but on YOUR script and how to make it work better.” —Writers’ Program Student

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