Michael Buckley

Instructor Biography:

MFA, award-winning author and short fiction writer whose work has appeared in numerous anthologies. Michael’s debut collection is Miniature Men, and his stories have appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Clarkesworld, and Daily Science Fiction, among others.

Instructor Statement:

Writing is like juggling, or karate, or knitting: It takes patience and practice. But often we need more than that—someone pointing us in the right direction, say, our Grandma (if we’re knitting) or Chuck Norris (if we’re learning to chop someone). I believe in helping writers teach themselves to write. All of your experiences, tribulations, inspirations: these are the raw materials that will make your writing good—and make it yours. I can’t teach you to knit or karate chop, but I do know how to make workshops fun, interesting places, and I can teach you to make writing a part of your life.

Our Students Say it Best!

Michael Buckley was incredibly knowledgeable and his communication was very good. Just as importantly, his listening skills were great, really paying attention to students’ ideas and theories, then asking questions that made us think.” —Writers’ Program student

Watch Michael’s writing tip:

Watch Michael read from his work at the 2015 Writers’ Program Publication Party:

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