Michael Levin

Instructor Biography:

New York Times bestselling author who has published with Simon & Schuster, Random House, and other top New York houses, and has been teaching writing for 27 years. Mr. Levin created the popular “Books Are My Babies” YouTube channel and writes for HuffPost, Forbes.com, and the New York Daily News.

Instructor Statement:

 Let’s get real – you can’t teach people to be talented or creative.  Or at least I can’t do that.  What you can do is teach structure – story structure, act structure, and scene structure.  When writers understand and master these key aspects of structure, their confidence rises and they become happier, better, and more effective writers.  My goal in a writing class is to give my students a channel through which their inherent creativity can flow.  It’s not about having a rigid process to which one must adhere.  It’s about knowing how to put together a story, an act, a scene, or a section of a scene, because these are the true building blocks of successful writing.  So you bring the passion and the drive, and I’ll bring a proven process for channeling your creativity and desire to express yourself.

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