Mike Dow

Instructor Bio:

TV writer/producer; WGA/DGA/PGA member, who has worked in television for over 25 years. Mr. Dow’s credits include The Nanny, Young & Hungry and Happily Divorced, among many others.  He was a co-executive producer for Netflix’s animated series Inside Job. He has also sold pilots to MTV, Nickelodeon, and Universal and is writing his first feature for Webtoons Studio.

Instructor Statement:

Television writing is an art that’s also a business– you must master both disciplines. You must learn to write in an authentic voice and also craft a story that’s compelling to audiences, have the discipline to write alone or collaborate with others in a writers’ room, and create a clear vision for your project while being ready to adapt that vision to the needs of studio and network executives. As a member of the WGA’s Middle Eastern Writers Committee, it is clear to me that the time has never been better, or more necessary, for writers of all backgrounds to have their unique stories heard. I am committed to using my experience to bring new and exciting voices into the professional world through a fun and supportive learning environment.

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