Mollie St. John

Instructor Bio:

TV Writer, WGA Member & Animation Guild Member whose credits include Netflix’s Arcane and ABC’s Nashville. Ms. St. John currently has several projects in development, including the adaptation of a worldwide video game. She is an alum of the WGA TV Writers Access Project.

Instructor Statement:

I believe writers learn by writing. My classes simulate a TV Writers Room — writers participate in talking story and in giving / receiving notes. For me, a big part of note-giving is “the circle of love” which involves writers uplifting each other and talking through what works and why it works. My classes also blend my practical experience into the teaching environment. I worked my way up as an assistant, was a finalist in several writing programs, have written on three different TV series and have developed/adapted many TV projects. I believe writers have to be salespeople — we need to communicate our vision to executives, producers, actors/actresses and fellow writers. The skills beyond the page are nearly as important as what’s on the page itself. My goal is for my students to leave my classes with the best script they’ve ever written as well as the skills to sell themselves and their work. I love teaching writing and I would absolutely love to be part of your writing journey!

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