Natashia Deón

Instructor Biography:

MFA, 2017 NAACP Image Award nominee and author of the critically acclaimed novel Grace (Counterpoint Press). Ms. Deón’s writing has also appeared in American Short Fiction, Buzzfeed, The Feminist Wire, Rattling Wall, and other places. Ms. Deón is a practicing attorney, law professor, and creator of the popular L.A.-based reading series Dirty Laundry Lit.

Instructor Statement:

Three people standing in the same room witnessing the same event will view the event differently. Tell us why you’re in that room. Show us with your unique voice and experience, what you see. My teaching style is to engage students by bringing out their individuality. In the classroom, my style is to be actively present and available and through student led discussions based on selected topics, including craft and community, and also by having students work with their classmates through critical feedback and general discussion questions.

My expectations of students are that students meet deadlines, provide constructive feedback to fellow classmates, and that students encourage one another. As writers, we have to celebrate every victory. They are usually few and far between.

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