Noel Alumit

Instructor Biography:

Author of the novels Letters to Montgomery Clift and the Los Angeles Times bestseller Talking to the Moon (2007). Mr. Alumit’s work has been published in USA Today, The Advocate, the Huffington Post and others and his awards include the Stonewall Book Award (American Library Association), the Violet Quill Award (InsightOut Books), and the James Duggins Mid-Career Prize. His work has made the finalist lists for the PEN Literary Award and the Lambda Literary Award.

Instructor Statement:

The greatest journey begins with one step, so the saying goes. It is my job to make sure that the first step is so fulfilling that it leads to a remarkable literary trek. My personal goal is to make sure that my students become better writers than when they entered. By the end of the course, I want them to leave feeling like they’ve accomplished something. Through writing exercises, class discussion of student work, the examination of published work, and maintaining a nurturing environment, I assist students onward in that writing journey. (By the way, I have a great sense of humor. I think the most creative spaces often have laughter pulsing through the air.)

Our Students Say it Best!

“Noel Alumit is a wonderful instructor. He creates a nurturing and supportive environment in the classroom. He is engaging and provides great academic instruction. The exercises and workshops were great devices in the classroom. He was very effective in his teaching technique.” — Writers’ Program Student


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