Phil Kellard

Instructor Biography:

Writer-director; WGA member who was executive producer on The Wayans Brothers and Martin, and producer on Doogie Howser, MD, and who has written pilots for The Disney Channel, Showtime, FBC, and Syfy. Mr. Kellard received an Emmy Award for instructional programming and the UCLA Extension Outstanding Instructor Award in Screenwriting, and is a contributing author to Inside the Room (Gotham Books/Penguin). He also serves as a creative consultant on CBS’s series The Inspectors.

Instructor Statement:

It all starts with the story. We all have one. What is the story you want to tell in your half-hour comedy script? How will you tell it in a humorous way? How will you develop that story in a series of interconnecting scenes? What are the funny events that advance your story? How can you keep your characters believable in this story? Sitcom writing is a very specific kind of writing with its own structure and form. This course gets your story to a detailed scene-by-scene outline. You get valuable insight and a basic understanding of that before moving on to creating your story, and learn how to adapt your idea for that story into the requirements of an existing show. We all work together on your stories much like a real writing staff does, and you hear my experiences in writing for network television. If you haven’t dropped out after that, you may be destined to be a half-hour comedy writer.

Our Students Say it Best!

Phil really communicates valuable things in every class that improve everyone’s scripts. He is honestly the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life. — Writers’ Program Student

Watch an interview with Phil about screenwriting:

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