Philip Eisner

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter-director and WGA member who wrote Event Horizon for Paramount Pictures and Firestarter 2: Rekindled for USA Networks. Mr. Eisner also has worked as a contract screenwriter for Scott Rudin Productions, Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions, Edward R. Pressman, TriStar, Universal Pictures, and The Jim Henson Company. He is a contributing author to Cut to the Chase (Gotham Books/Penguin).

Instructor Statement: 

I write because I do not have a choice. It is not a thing I do. It is a function of who I am. If you are looking for a somewhat ecstatic exploration of the creative process, with some insight into screenwriting as a byproduct, come on in. My course focuses on short writing exercises to increase students’ technique, on exploring what makes a character worthy of a story, and what makes a story worthy of a film. In doing so, we look beyond screenplays and include short stories, novels, role-playing games, and anything else that might add to the writer’s toolbox.

Our Students Say it Best!

One of the best things about Philip Eisner is that he always makes sure to find out what you are trying to say with your script and then he helps you find the best way. He does not superimpose his own stuff. He inspires.” —Writers’ Program student

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