Ploi Pirapokin

Instructor Biography:

MFA, Nonfiction Editor at Newfound Journal and the Co-Editor of The Greenest Gecko: An Anthology of New Asian Fantasy forthcoming from Wesleyan University Press in 2021. Ms. Pirapokin is featured and forthcoming in, Pleiades, The Offing, and more.

Instructor Statement:

Writing is a way to respond and give voice to the unspeakable, often times, seeking answers and explanation to the unexplainable – our obsessions. I help students interrogate the effects of past experiences, examine their present, and carve out their desires on the page. Then, we can shape our words into story, as a means of cultural preservation, as a way to stake our claim in this world. As a writer who dabbles in the fantastic, I believe that using non-realist elements in our work allows us to reach closer to the truth of what we are trying to say, and my classes emphasize writing as a process. We will experiment, practice, and revise our methods in storytelling.

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