Richard Manning

Instructor Biography:

MFA, television writer/producer; WGA member whose credits include Farscape; Star Trek: The Next Generation; When Calls the Heart; TekWar; Beyond Reality (which he co-created); Sliders; Fame; Knightwatch; as well as features, TV pilots, animation, webisodes, and a web series pilot. He is a contributing author to Inside the Room (Gotham Books/Penguin).

Instructor Statement:

Conceiving fresh ideas, creating intriguing characters, developing compelling stories, plotting detailed outlines, writing (and rewriting) superlative (yet producible) scripts—these can be intimidating tasks for the beginner. But here’s a confession: they can be equally intimidating for us so-called “seasoned pros,” particularly when deadlines and budgets are tight. Fortunately, screenwriting is equal parts art and craft—and like any craft, there are tools and techniques that can help tame the terrifying beast known as the blank page. My goals: helping students forget their fear and find the fun in telling a television story, as well as teaching them skills that will elevate their writing to the professional level.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Ricky is great! I love the way he structures the class—I appreciate the level of thought and quality in his notes and he provides a safe space to workshop new ideas. He is fantastic. — Writers’ Program Student

Instructor Blog: Click here to go to Richard’s blog.

Watch an interview with Richard about screenwriting:

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