Roberto Marinas

Instructor Biography:

MFA and screenwriter/producer, whose credits include Lasso, Headgame, and Alien Vs. Zombies. His award-winning screenplay Last Road Home was selected for the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and he is also a recipient of the Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Fellowship.

Instructor Statement:

My goal as a screenwriting teacher is to empower students to put the best version of the story that’s in their minds (and hearts) onto the page.  I feel that best way to do that is to give emerging writers a set of story building tools that they can adapt to best suit their own voice, creativity and work habits.  Rather than a rigid philosophy, I believe the best writing comes from being familiar with the basic tenants of dramatic writing and story structure then using and refining these techniques to fit one’s individual creative style.

This results in an evolving process that grows as the writer does and allows a pragmatic balance between discipline and inspiration, two essential qualities all writers need.

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