Rolla Selbak

Instructor Bio:

Writer/director of film and TV, Sundance alumna, and WGA member whose credits include Three Veils, Choke, and the viral web-series Kiss Her I’m Famous. Ms. Selbak currently has projects in development at Sony and 20th Century Fox, and has previously served on the board of directors at Outfest.

Instructor Statement:

I’m here to help aspiring and working screenwriters bring their fresh voices to the screen. The two fields of knowledge I focus on are artistic craft and navigating the professional system. Leveraging my own experience of becoming a professional screenwriter, I hope to be the mentor I was looking for while I was learning the hard way, and I’m passionate about sharing that knowledge with those who are looking to learn. In my teaching, I strive to incorporate diverse artists and reference work in the courses, and to represent a canopy of human experiences. Telling stories is the way we share our view of the world, and the more diverse the voices telling those stories, the more compelling to audiences, and the richer our society will be for it.

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