Ron Alexander

Instructor Biography:

Fiction writer and author of four novels. Mr.  Alexander was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was a finalist in the St. Andrews College Press Novella Competition. His essays, poetry, and short stories have been published in the Chicago Quarterly Review and The Los Angeles Review, among others.

Instructor Statement:

Put me in the company of writers who write because they have questions and not answers. Whenever an event or a situation in life confounds me, I write. Without an outline, without any idea of where I’m going or where I might end up, I write. Without judgment or an axe to grind or any attempt to convince others to feel a certain way about things, I write. I write with one motive only. To think. And just as the writing provokes me to think, I hope to provoke my reader to think, because if I’m able to do that, then what I’ve written will be an emotional journey we take together. My philosophy as an instructor, therefore, is simple: I encourage students to write from a position of inquisitiveness and not with an agenda. I ask them to write because they have questions, not because they have answers.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Ron thoroughly enjoys his work and this comes through with his enthusiasm.  He is able to successfully promote open and supportive dialogue, has excellent communication skills, provides relevant feedback, and is able to support his opinions or suggestions.”
—Writers’ Program student

Instructor Website: Click here to go to Ron’s website.

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