Roz Weisberg

Instructor Biography:

MFA, creative producer/project manager, and book editor, whose credits include Beastly and Where the Heart Is.  Ms. Weisberg was a former senior vice president of development and production for Storefront Pictures.  She has also served as a creative consultant for clients such as The Disney Channel, National Geographic, Mission Pictures, Cantinas Films and Focus Features.

Instructor Statement:

People have always told stories, they always will. They tell stories to explain, understand and sometimes escape the world. Stories teach. They remind us of our own humanity. They can change how we see and understand the world. It sounds big and grandiose but characters and stories leave indelible marks on us. Plot and character are intimately connected. One cannot develop without the other. I’m interested in where these points meet and collide. What are the questions the characters seek to answer? Things don’t just happen to our characters, events don’t just happen; choices are made based on history and experiences and the consequences of those choices change who they are. Sometimes we have to challenge our preconceived notions of who characters are to find the unexpected. Those surprises weave together with action to drive the story forward and answer the questions that set the course for the story in the first place. Whether it’s a character you’ve been writing and think you know or one that’s new and won’t go away, my objective is to help you develop characters that are essential to tell your story.

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