Sam Cohen

Instructor Bio:

MFA, author of the story collection Sarahland and doctoral candidate in USC’s Creative Writing and Literature program. Ms. Cohen has published stories in Electric Literature, O Magazine, Bomb, Fence, and others.

Instructor Statement:

Why is it so hard to actually write? We feel sure we have stories to tell, life bubbling up in us that NEEDS to spill onto the page, but we become overwhelmed with endless tasks and distractions and small crises, and actually sitting down to write feels impossible… or are we just scared?

In class, we will learn how to trick ourselves into developing a writing practice, into approaching the page boldly and without fear. You’re already moving around in the world with a writer’s gaze, a writer’s attunement to detail and mystery, or you probably wouldn’t be here.

We’ll use the page as a place to play around with language and images. We’ll steal from our dreams and the news and our childhood memories and overheard conversations and our family lore. We’ll upend cultural myths and grand narratives if we want to. And as we work to get the language as precise as possible, to find the threads that connect our images and obsessions, original stories will emerge.

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