Scott Eagan

Instructor Biography:
Owner and acquisitions editor for Greyhaus Literary Agency focusing exclusively on the traditional romance and women’s fiction market. Mr. Eagan is an active member of the Romance Writers of America, has provided freelance critique work with Writer’s Digest, and worked as a reviewer with Publisher’s Marketplace.

Instructor Statement:
As an instructor, I put the students first. I believe that every student in my course is unique as well as every class I teach. While the curriculum might essentially be the same, the students’ needs shape the curriculum and the instructor. I also believe in what Matthew Lipman describes as a “community of inquiry.” Each class is designed so all participants, including the instructor, bring something to the table for the advancement of the learning experience. As someone in the publishing profession, I believe everyone has the ability to write. This is one of the few areas where everyone has “a story to tell.” I also believe it is important to provide a bridge between the writers and the professionals to insure the quality of writing is strong and will stand the test of time.

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