Sehba Sarwar

Instructor Biography:

MA, author of the novel Black Wings (Veliz Books, 2019). Ms. Sarwar’s writings have appeared in New York Times, Asia: Magazine of Asian Literature, Los Angeles Times, Callaloo and elsewhere. She has taught writing workshops at the University of Houston and through nonprofits.

Instructor Statement:

I believe in the urgency of alternative stories in order to create understanding and empathy in our multifaceted world. If well told, new narratives can change the world. Living in a time of rising movements such as Black Lives Matter, MeToo, DACA/refugee and immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, and more, students are encouraged to uncover stories that are not included in our history textbooks. Through workshops, students gain access to pathways to explore personal history, family narratives, and stories amidst their communities. Students read and produce compelling creative nonfiction—memoir, personal essays, literary journalism, short fiction, blogging, audio/video recording, live performance and more—to share with larger audiences. Integral to the creation of new work is revision, peer feedback, and literary works that serve as models.

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