Sharon Bray

Instructor Biography:

EdD, author of When Words Heal: Writing the Experience of Cancer and A Healing Journey: Writing Together through Breast Cancer. Dr. Bray’s essays have appeared in newspapers, health care magazines, and 3 anthologies, including most recently, Wonderous Child (North Atlantic Books, 2012).

Instructor Statement:

I believe that creativity won’t come into the open unless it is welcomed in an environment of safety and support. When it comes to writing, most of us have been wounded. Remember how you felt when your very first essay, painstakingly scrawled on lined notebook paper, was handed back to you with all that red ink and a grade of “B-“? Ouch. We’ll silence our internal critics, or at least put them in a locked closet, so that our stories can be set free. My goal is to create a supportive atmosphere of inspiration, play, and risk-taking—one in which we can write deeply and authentically from painful life experiences and discover the power and beauty in our own words. Through exercises, guided discussion, and examples from other writers, we nudge our stories into the open and reclaim our artistry and voices as writers.

Our Students Say it Best!

Sharon Bray is a fantastic instructor. She gently guides and supports the writer to find their true inner voice.” —Writers’ Program student

Sharon was wonderful, knowledgeable, specific, accessible, absolutely effective.”
—Writers’ Program student

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