Shauna Barbosa

Instructor Biography:

MFA, author of the poetry collection Cape Verdean Blues (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018). Ms. Barbosa’s poems have appeared in Boulevard, Lit Hub, Lenny Letter, Awl, Colorado Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Foundry, Wildness, The Atlas Review, PANK, and others. She is a 2018 Disquiet International Luso-American fellow.

Instructor Statement:

We all come to the world from different places, toting different maps of decency, humanity, beauty, chaos, and love. We are cartographers of human experience. Both writing and literature allow for one to have a double intellectual and creative life—this is what I share with my students. We will work on getting some of these journeys on the page. My goal is to focus on exposing students to a wide variety of literary structures and parameters within which students can pursue reading and writing as seems best to them as dictated by their immediate and evolving scholarly and aesthetic interests. I have learned to approach teaching with the philosophy that everyone arrives at literature differently, and that it is best to acknowledge and nurture that foundation while opening doors to new ways to embark on language.


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