Sherry Shahan

Instructor Biography:

MFA, author of more than 30 children’s books, including the young adult novel Purple Daze; the middle-grade novels Death Mountain and Ice Island; picture books Spicy Hot Colors/Colores Picantes; and Dashing through the Snow: The Story of the Iditarod, an American Booksellers “Pick of the List.”

 Instructor Statement:

Yes, it’s true. All of us have been children. Writing for young readers is a wonderful way to give meaning to their world. No two writers bring the exact same background or style or energy to their creative work. What’s important is that we don’t stress over our weakness, but plow ahead doing the best we can. Sometimes there is too much emphasis on structure and form early in the writing process which can take the joy out of writing. My students are encouraged to have fun. To let their imaginations go wild. To write fully every time and never hold back. To write with the carefree innocence of children before being restrained by rules.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Sherry went above and beyond for her students. She covered the basics in a manner that was very easy for students to assimilate and apply newfound knowledge to their own work. She has a rare talent for honing in on exactly what needs to be done to improve a manuscript.”
— Writers’ Program Student

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