Sofía Lapuente

Instructor Bio:

Co-author of novel Retro with her partner, Jarrod Shusterman. Ms. Lapuente also collaborated on Gleanings, the fourth installment of the bestselling Arc of a Scythe trilogy, which is currently being adapted for the screen by Universal. She is a writer, screenwriter, and former producer and casting director on an Emmy-nominated show.

Instructor Statement:

In our class, we believe that everyone has a story to tell! And we understand the importance of authentic, own voices! Our primary concern is that students feel understood, safe, and respected in the place of learning. Inclusivity is an imperative. We teach practical knowledge that you can apply immediately. Lessons on genre, structure, rhythm, how to make lovable characters that you empathize with – how to hook readers and leave them satisfied.

We work every day in the publishing industry and have learned a lot! We’ve developed our educational philosophy through our own extensive education and life experience in the publishing and entertainment Industries. We work on the cutting edge of what is trending and selling these days, so we plan to impart all of that information to our students.

In addition, we want you to feel comfortable in class, as we are always approachable. It wasn’t long ago that we were students ourselves. We want to inspire everyone to believe that they can make it as a writer too.

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