Steven Schwartz

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter/producer, WGA member who formerly served on the WGA Board of Directors, Spirit Award nominee for his screenplay for the Sidney Lumet directed movie Critical Care starring James Spader, Kyra Sedgwick, Helen Mirren, and Albert Brooks. His TV series credits include The Practice and 100 Centre Street. He has written movie scripts and series pilots for Fox, ABC, FX, Disney, NBC, Universal, Lionsgate, HBO, and many others.

Instructor Statement:

Successful screenwriting is a combination of art, craft, and business. In the art of screenwriting there is often no right or wrong answer. In the craft of screenwriting there are usually better or worse ways to do things. I’ll help you learn the craft while expanding your understanding of the art and the business. To help you learn we’ll use a combination of writing assignments, exercises, lectures, movies, and readings. You’ll share and discuss your writing with one another in a safe, protected, workshop environment. There are many ways to approach writing a screenplay. I’ll help you discover what works best for you. With  my more than 20 years of successful professional screenwriting in movies and television I’ll be a resource for you, sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years. If you put in the work you’ll learn a lot and have fun, too. So let’s go!

Our Students Say it Best!

“Every now and then you find an instructor who speaks the words in a way that make the material so understandable. That is Steven Schwartz for me. I would read his introduction and comments and think ‘Oh! I get it!’ He also gave advice that removed the pressure of getting it just right on the first try. Just get it down on paper and fix it later – yep that works for me! I really enjoyed this class. Thank you Steven!” — Writers’ Program Student


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