Terry Pierce

Instructor Biography:

MFA, author of 17 children’s books including Blackberry Banquet, Laughin’ Jammin’ Slammin Jokefest, and Tae Kwon Do!. Ms. Pierce has received an Association of Educational Professionals Distinguished Achievement Award and was an AEP Golden Lamp Finalist for Mother Goose Rhymes.

Instructor Statement:

Writing for children is an honor as we venture to touch the lives of our most treasured members of society, whether we’re creating text that will accompany the illustrations in a picture book or writing the words for an emergent reader as he crosses the bridge to independent reading. There is an old adage, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” My goal is to teach aspiring and experienced writers to fish. Not only will students leave my course with a manuscript ready or near-ready for publication, they will have the knowledge and tools to create future stories. Students will accomplish these goals through weekly reading and writing exercises, discussions and critiques of student writings—all of which will inform their own work. Writing is full of challenges and contradictions, but they need not become obstacles for us; instead, they can form the cobblestones in the road of our writing journey.

Our Students Say it Best!

“[The] instructor was incredibly knowledgeable about the material and was more than willing to share that knowledge with the class. Ms. Pierce responded to every post, question, suggestion. She read and noted every homework assignment. The class was required to interact on the discussion board, which was terrific.” —Writers’ Program Student

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