Tom Lazarus

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter-director; WGA member whose credits includes Stigmata, Just You and Me, Kid, Word of Mouth, and Voyeur Confessions. Mr. Lazarus is the author of Secrets of Film Writing and Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters (St. Martin’s Press) as well as THE LAST WORD – Definitive Answers to All Your Screenwriting Questions (Michael Wiese Publishers).

Instructor Statement:

My classes are workshops. There are no videos. No guest lecturers. No formulas. No frills. My classes are about writing. The learning experience comes from the work itself. My classes sharpen writing skills, improve the students’ critical skills in analyzing their own screenplays and the work of other students. My students learn how to think about screenwriting as well as learn how to write and improve their work to make it more viable in the marketplace. My classes are for mature, highly motivated students who are serious about their work and the work of others in the class. My job is to help students write the screenplay they want to write. Oh yeah, we laugh a lot, too.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Tom provided positive yet challenging feedback on my material. This feedback dramatically improved my script writing abilities. He communicated efficiently and effectively so we understood important skills to write a marketable script. He is direct and stern yet also understands the difficulty in creating a story.
— Writers’ Program Student

Instructor Website: Click here to leave our website and go to Tom’s website.

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