Trebor Healey

Instructor Biography:

author of three novels, a book of poetry, and a collection of stories. Mr. Healey co-edited Queer & Catholic, a collection of personal essays; and Beyond Definition: New Writing from Gay and Lesbian San Francisco, a collection of poetry and short fiction pieces; and his poetry has appeared in various anthologies including Corpus; Flicker and Spark; Queer Dharma: Voices of Gay Buddhists; and a Day for Lay: A Century of Gay Poetry. He is a recipient of the Lambda Literary Award, two Publishing Triangle awards and a Violet Quill award.

Instructor Statement:

Every creative writer contains a multiplicity of worlds with an infinite number of stories borne of their unique experience, giving them a perspective that is uniquely their own. I see myself as a catalyst, and something of a trickster, in finding avenues, keys, and other ways to access the imagination and subconscious where much of this material resides. Bringing it out into the open is the essential and important first step. Then, like any good craftsperson, we must polish, hone, fine-tune and perfect this material so that our stories not only get written, but reach across the gaps in understanding to the universal voice that speaks most relevantly and insightfully to ourselves and others. Sharing our work in a safe and supportive environment is a key component in this process and one I foster through creating a “garden of innocents” – a place where we can let go of our egos and share in ‘the work’ which is larger than our individual selves, though uniquely informed by its source. It is a place of risk and experimentation, a frontier where we learn to communicate our unique way of seeing by listening to how others receive it.

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