William Hasley

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter and WGA member who has sold feature scripts to 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and Laurence Marks Productions. Mr. Hasley’s television credits include Swift Justice; Ghost Stories; Murder, She Wrote; Kung Fu; Young Riders; and Highway to Heaven. He also has written pilots for Castle Rock, Columbia, Universal, and Warner Bros. He is a published author for Simon and Schuster and Virgin Publishing.

Instructor Statement:

We are all unique individuals. We all have our own perception on everything we see and do. As your instructor, my goal is to help you develop your own distinct style into a concise and creative screenplay for today’s ever-changing marketplace. Let’s turn your dreams into reality. In my class only you can limit yourself. I hope to form a camaraderie among my students so you will feel safe enough to fall flat on your pages, then pick them up, and improve on what you have already written. The truth is, writers write, then they rewrite. Writing is very much like putting a puzzle together. You may try many pieces before the right piece fits perfectly. Writing is the same way. I will teach you structure, but I personally believe that when you know your characters well enough they will start dictating their actions. When that happens writing becomes a euphoric experience. I’m determined to give you the confidence to dispel the zillion voices inside of you that say you can’t, and let your creative juices fill up your computer screen with an original and imaginative screenplay. I also will share with you my knowledge of surviving in this highly competitive and constantly changing entertainment industry. There is nothing more thrilling than touching another with the words you have written. I challenge you to challenge yourself.

Our Students Say it Best!

“William Hasley’s notes were the best. Everything was communicated to me in a way I was able to digest and adjust what I was doing. I loved the environment of class participation, it effectively helped me to continue perfecting my writing. — Writers’ Program Student

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