Dear Prospective Student,

The desire to write is an urgent one. Those of us who hear the call to tell our story sometimes find ourselves hamstrung by a fast-paced world full of responsibilities that seem to prevent us from getting words onto a page. Whether or not we get the words there, that desire remains.

The Writers’ Program is here to help you realize that desire—to write your novel, organize your memoir, or capture that idea you have for a TV pilot. When you enroll in one of our courses, you aren’t just learning how to write, you’re joining a community of people just like you: people who can’t escape that desire to tell a story, in their own voice, in their own way, and in their own time.

I don’t know you, but I can tell you this for certain: You Can Do This. You can be the writer you’ve always wanted to be. Whether you are writing for yourself or hope to one day see your book in print or your feature film on the big screen, the Writers’ Program can help.

The most important thing I can tell you is that you don’t need permission to call yourself a writer. If you, like me, feel that urgent desire to tell a story, I have good news. You’re already a writer.

Come join us.

All best,

What is the Writers’ Program?

The Writers’ Program is one of the most prestigious creative writing and screenwriting continuing education programs in the nation. Our open admissions policy and supportive community ensure that all students are inspired and guided to do their best work. Our curriculum includes 400 annual writing courses, offered both onsite and online, taught by a diverse corps of 200 published and produced professionals. We also offer certificate programs, specializations, literary and screenplay competitions, scholarships, a Writers Studio, and consultations.

Develop your art and craft under the guidance of Writers’ Program instructors, all of whom are either professional writers with publishing or producing credits, or literary agents, studio executives, or managers.  In addition to our Los Angeles-based instructors, the Writers’ Program draws upon the talents of accomplished writers from around the country — and the world — to teach in our online virtual classrooms.

The Writers’ Program offers a full array of creative writing and screenwriting courses at all levels.  Not sure if you’re a beginning, intermediate, or advanced-level student?  Click here to find out what to expect at each level to find the one that’s right for you.

Subject areas include:

Creative Writing

Novel, Short Fiction, Memoir, Personal Essay, Poetry, Writing for Young Readers, Written Communication, Editing and Publishing


Feature Film, Television, Animation, Video Games, Comic Books, Podcasting, Dramaturgy, Business and Professional Development


Onsite Courses

Writers’ Program onsite courses include daytime, evening, and weekend options on the UCLA campus, in Westwood Village, and Downtown LA.

Remote Courses

All class meetings are scheduled and held in real-time using Zoom, allowing for live interaction with your classmates and instructors.

Online Courses

Many Writers’ Program onsite courses are also offered online, an excellent option for those who want flexibility and the opportunity to connect with fellow writers from around the world. Online courses are asynchronous, so you can log on any time of day or night to get first-class writing education without ever leaving home!

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid (In-Person): A blend of in-person and online or remote instruction. This learning format features some scheduled in-person class meetings and some online interaction, either in real-time using Zoom or pre-recorded instruction, activities, discussion boards, or other course materials accessible through an online learning platform.

Hybrid (Remote): A blend of remote and online instruction, this learning format features some scheduled, live class meetings using Zoom and some pre-recorded instruction, activities, discussion boards, or other course materials accessible through an online learning platform where you can connect with your instructor and classmates.

To enroll online, leave the Writers’ Program website and go to the UCLA Extension site for a complete listing of this quarter’s courses.

In addition to almost 400 annual courses, the Writers’ Program offers numerous services to fit the needs of our students.

Friendly and knowledgeable Writers’ Program advisors are available from 9 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday to help you map out a strategy for accomplishing your writing goals.

For advisement or course information contact our main line at (310) 825-9415 |


Writers’ Program students get published and produced!  These are just some of the books, films, and television shows written by our students:

30 Days of Night Game of Thrones Mrs. Doubtfire The Following
A Chorus Line Grace Paint it Black The Memory Thief
Bad Teacher Grey’s Anatomy Palo Alto Stories The Office
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Grumpy Old Men Parks and Recreation The Onion Field
Collateral Hawaii Five-O Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl The West Wing
Dawson’s Creek Herbie Fully Loaded Roswell There Must Be a Pony!
Dexter Judging Amy Saturday Night Live Tsotsi
Entourage Just Shoot Me Scream Twilight
Everybody Loves Raymond Kinsey Millhone series Sex and the City Vampire Diaries
Franklin & Bash Kitchens of the Great Midwest Shanghai Noon White Oleander
Friends Letters from Iwo Jima Smallville Witness
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Mary Coin Spider-Man 2 Year One

International Students:  Check here for information on certificate programs for international students.

Financial Aid: UCLA Extension offers information on a variety of financial aid options, from private loans to grants based on financial need. For information, visit the Financial Aid section.

Students with Disabilities:  UCLA Extension is committed to providing access to the disabled community. FAQ’s: Get answers to frequently asked questions about our program.

Screenwriting Resource Page: Click here to view a compilation of popular websites that promote or publish news, insights, contests, fellowships, jobs, books, blogs, and networking opportunities related to the screenwriting trade.  It’s included here as a reference for students interested in writing for film and television.

Refund Policy:

  • Onsite Courses: Deadline is typically 14 days after the start date of the course.
  • Online Courses: Deadline is typically 14 days after the start date of the course.
  • Restricted Courses: Deadline is typically 7 days before the start date of the course.
  • For further details please click here.

“My writing would be nowhere without the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program!  I’m grateful for the guidance of my instructors, all of whom helped me dig deep into different aspects of craft with their thoughtful teaching, encouragement and motivation.”

Mae Respicio, author of The House That Lou Built forthcoming from Wendy Lamb Books at Penguin Random House

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