Script and Manuscript Consultations

Do you prefer one-on-one learning to a traditional classroom setting?  If so, consider a Writers’ Program Consultation in Creative Writing or Screenwriting.

A Consultation in Creative Writing is ideal for writers who:

  • Have a complete draft of their manuscript (including long and short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, plays, and children’s books)
  • Want one-time comprehensive written and verbal feedback on their project
  • Want to ensure their work is up to industry standards before seeking representation, publication, or entry into literary competitions, fellowships, and/or MFA programs


Consultation in Screenwriting is ideal for writers who:

  • Want comprehensive written feedback from a professional writer on a completed draft of a treatment, TV spec or pilot, or feature film script
  • Prefer additional feedback on their project through a live conversation with the instructor
  • Want to ensure their script is up to industry standards before seeking representation or applying to competitions, fellowships, or MFA programs

For a consultation in either Creative Writing or Screenwriting, you may request a specific Writers’ Program instructor with whom you would like to work or an advisor can recommend one for you. Once an instructor is agreed upon, he or she carefully reads and reviews your work and sends you a written evaluation.  Arrangements are then made for a follow-up conversation in person, via phone, or by web chat (to be determined by the instructor).

For formatting guidelines and fees, or for information about the differences between consultations and mentorships, click here.  You can also call us at (310) 825-9415.

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