Beverly Gray

Instructor Biography:

PhD; screenwriter, author, and former development executive who oversaw the development of 170 feature films at Concorde-New Horizons Pictures. Dr. Gray has authored biographies of directors Ron Howard and Roger Corman.

Instructor Statement:

The ability to show, not tell, is one mark of a good screenwriter. I feel this basic principle works for teachers too. Instead of presuming to tell you how to write a great script, I aim to show you where your writing succeeds and where it falls short of the goals you’ve set for yourself. I’ve discovered, to my surprise, that on-line instruction offers a valuable opportunity for class members to look thoughtfully at each student’s screenplay, always respecting the author’s intent, always trying to find specific ways to push it to the highest possible level. For the bulk of our time together, your work will be in the spotlight. You will be asked to react, to rethink, to rewrite. You will find yourself pulling your screenplay apart, then painstakingly piecing it back together, making it swifter, stronger, and more interesting. As you critique the work of your peers, you’ll also discover a great deal about the scope of your own talent. A thick skin, a sense of humor, and a willingness to burn the midnight oil are essential prerequisites for this course.

Our Students Say it Best!

Beverly provides detailed notes on your script each and every week and also reads everyone’s notes on all the other classmates’ work and comments on them for their value and appropriateness. She is there for everybody all the time—I don’t know how she does it. Beverly is a genius as well as a kind and caring teacher and person!” —Writers’ Program Student

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