Leslie Lehr

Instructor Biography:

MFA, award-winning author of six books, including What A Mother Knows (2013), Wife Goes On and 66 Laps. Ms. Lehr’s nonfiction work includes Welcome to Club Mom, Nesting (featured on Oprah), and essays in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and anthologies such as Mommy Wars and Ariana Huffington’s bestseller, On Becoming Fearless.

 Instructor Statement:

Ever wonder why so many people talk about writing a novel, yet so few actually do it? That’s because it’s a peculiar marriage of artistry and engineering, one that requires pouring your guts onto the page. And writing a full-length novel takes a lot of guts. But it is also thrilling, heart-pumping fun. Bring me your idea and I’ll show you, step by step, how to turn it into a novel. My motto: you can’t fail unless you quit. The variety of students drawn to the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program brings such a wealth of life experience that we all benefit from it. Each class provides it’s own story, with well-developed characters struggling towards the same compelling goal, to write a novel. This course may be just the beginning, but by the end of 10 weeks you’ll believe in your own happy ending.

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Our Students Say it Best!

“I took Novel I with Leslie Lehr and found her so helpful that taking Novel II was a no-brainer. She’s smart, on-point, focused, and insightful. I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting to tackle their first novel.” —Writers’ Program student

Watch a video of Leslie reading from her work at the 2013 Writers’ Program Publication Party:

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