Peter Serchuk

Instructor Biography:

MA, poet and author of the collections All That Remains and Waiting for Poppa at the Smithtown Diner.  Mr. Serchuk’s poetry has appeared in Paris Review, Epoch, Southwest Review, Hudson Review, Boulevard, Missouri Review, American Poetry Review, and Poetry, as well as  several anthologies including The Best American Erotic Poems 1800 to the Present and So Luminous the Wildflowers: An Anthology of California Poets.

Instructor Statement:

At its best, poetry is the most highly concentrated form of literature: the most highly concentrated in its ability to instruct, delight, reflect and inspire. Although I’ve read scores of great novels through the years, I’m often hard-pressed to recall specifics of those books let alone individual moments of epiphany I may have had while reading. And yet, I can recall and often recite specific lines from any number of poems that opened an intellectual or emotional door for me. My objective as a teacher is to share and help create that experience for others, for both readers and writers, and to help them rediscover poetry in a way that’s relevant and satisfying. My ultimate goal will be to fuel a new appreciation of what makes poetry so vital, valuable and enduring.


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