Writers’ Program student Scott Richter won the 2007 Austin Film Festival’s Best Drama Teleplay competition for his Grey’s Anatomy spec.

Scott developed the spec while in instructor Tom Blomquist‘s Writing the One-Hour Drama Spec: Advanced Workshop in the summer of 2006, and continued to take courses with Tom, writing and creating three one-hour TV pilots. “The four UCLA Extension advanced TV writing classes I have taken with instructor Tom Blomquist have been instrumental in propelling my writing career to the next level.”

What helped Richter refine every aspect of his writing was Tom’s “extensive industry experience, incredible storytelling skills and passion for teaching.” But what he liked most was the collaborative “writers room” atmosphere which provided real world experience and a “leg up on the ultra competitive world of TV show staffing.”

With buzz surrounding him after his big win, Richter was able to land his first agent, who got out of the business as the strike took hold of the industry. Now, Richter is meeting with agents all over town and is on the verge of striking deals with several top TV producers who are eagerly awaiting his scripts once the Writers Strike ends.

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