Each year, the best of the best intermediate and advanced Writers’ Program students are nominated by their instructors for our annual Kirkwood Literary Prize and each year, many of the nominees go on to publish their stories. Writers’ Program student Wendy Duren is the latest Kirkwood Award nominee to place her story, “This is Your Mother,” which she sold to the journal Silent Voices. The story is of a woman coming to terms with who her mother is and the ensuing emotional toll that the revelation brings to bear. Wendy is currently an MFA candidate at Bennington Writing Seminars and has taken several courses online including Writing the Short Story: Intermediate Workshop with David Borofka. She says of her instructor, “In David I found a like-minded mentor, one generous enough to champion the good in my work and honest enough to point out what should be excised. I took all of his comments to heart and know that my work is better for his careful reading and decisive remarks.” Congratulations, Wendy!

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