The Los Angeles Times recently published an excerpt of an essay that student Wendy Jaffe developed in Lisa Medway’s Writing With Humor course. The essay, “Don’t Tell Dad,” details the numerous traumas that ensued after Wendy’s teenage daughter decided it was finally time to shave her legs. The excerpt was published in the “Tell” column of the Times and the full essay was a recent finalist in Los Angeles Parent Magazine’s humor essay competition.

Wendy has a bit of advice for her fellow writers: “If you are interested in learning to add humor to your writing, I have two suggestions. First, take Lisa’s class. Second, if you write an essay that includes highly personal information about your daughter, remember to change her name in the piece and stash it in a nondescript secret file on your hard drive. Speaking from personal experience, you should NOT use the essay as your screensaver! (Unless, of course, your daughter hasn’t cleaned her room in six months, then it is OK.)”

Congratulations, Wendy.

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