Former Writers’ Program James Kirkwood Award in Creative Writing winner Vincent Precht is enjoying much publication success with notable journals. His short story, “The Daughter of the Bearded Lady” will be published in TriQuarterly 129. The story is a ten thousand word period piece about an illiterate, one-armed circus schoolteacher who rescues the daughter of a freak show act. In “Clippings,” which will appear in Indiana Review 29.2, the wife and teenage daughter of a man who commits suicide try to find solace in a shoebox of newspaper stories.

Vincent has taken several UCLA Extension courses including The Art of the Short Story: Advanced Workshop with Paul Mandelbaum. He says, “I have had many great instructors at Extension. Of course, I owe a lot to Paul Mandelbaum. In his two classes I learned about structure and revision. He was always very encouraging and gave me many helpful real world tips. Mostly what I remember about his classes, though, is the attention he gave to all of his students. Everything was always very democratic, fair, and fun. Paul’s a pretty witty guy.”

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